B vitamins are water soluble vitamins that do not metabolize well in the body from foods and supplements. What foods have b12 you ask? – Beef liver, Sardines, mackerel, lamb, salmon, feta cheese, cottage cheese, and eggs just to name a few. Due to the amounts of these foods you would need to intake- The very best way to absorb B vitamins is through injection. B12 specifically boosts our metabolism and gives us natural energy. Not energy that we feel through caffeine or energy drinks, but natural long lasting energy.

People often ask if they will feel a large boost of energy right after the injection. You will feel better adding B12 injections into your healthy lifestyle. You will wake up easier, have the energy to workout after work, feel like cooking dinner at night instead of crashing on the couch and ordering take out. You will not feel like sprinting out of our office, but you will feel the difference during the week following your injection. As far as how often you need B12 injections- we recommend 1 injection per week for steady results. If you are really looking for a kick start to weight loss, we recommend 2 injections weekly for 6 weeks.

To learn more or to try a B12 injection for yourself, give one of our weight loss specialists a call now ant 678-607-REAL (7325).


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