Most patients have an idea of their “goal weight” is, but don’t understand correlation between body composition and that magic number.

Body Composition is the breakdown of your body mass into 3 main categories- body water mass, fat mass and lean muscle mass. When losing weight and working toward your goal weight, it is important that you are losing fat mass. If you lose 10 lbs- 5 lbs in water, 3 lbs of lean muscle and 2 lbs of fat, you will not feel a difference in your clothes and will gain it back quickly. Whereas if you lose 10 lbs, with 9 lbs in fat and 1 lb of water- you will see a big difference in the mirror.

To learn about your body composition it is recommended to use an electrical impedance scale weekly to monitor your weight loss progress. At Real Results of Kennesaw we offer a free body composition analysis on our Inbody 230 electrical impedance scale for new patients.