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Weight loss

Trying to lose weight and become a healthier version of yourself is not easy, and it can sometimes become frustrating. If you’re someone who is constantly on the go or can’t seem to find time to fit exercise or healthy meals into your schedule, it may be even more disc...

Salmon, bacon, tomato, avocado stack with brussel sprouts.

Serves 2. Prep time 5 minutes, cook time 20 minutes.

1 lb salmon (2 fillets)
2 slices of peppered bacon- cut in half
1 tomato, sliced
1 avocado, cut into strips
1 bag of frozen steam in bag Brussel s...

If you’re actively trying to lose weight, you’ve most likely tried a variety of methods to get the results that you desire. Losing weight can be a difficult and stressful experience, but if you live in Kennesaw, the experts at Real Results of Kennesaw are here to help!...

You’ve heard it stressed on numerous occasions that diet and exercise are the best way to lose weight. While you do your best to eat a balanced diet and get outside, sometimes exercising is easier said than done. How are you supposed to lose weight if you simply can’t...

If you are adamant about losing weight, then there is a good chance that you have conducted some research on how to boost your metabolism. As many people know, your metabolism plays an important role in losing weight because it helps you burn calories. A slow metabolis...

Sticking to a weight loss plan can be difficult at times, and even if you’re doing everything in your power to eat right and exercise, you may find that you are still having difficulties losing weight. Before you get frustrated and stressed about not reaching your goal...

When it comes to losing weight, making a plan on how you will get in shape is the easy part. The hard part is finding ways to stay motivated when you’re trying to eat healthily or work out on a regular basis. At Real Results of Kennesaw, our goal is to help you lose we...

B vitamins are water soluble vitamins that do not metabolize well in the body from foods and supplements. What foods have b12 you ask? - Beef liver, Sardines, mackerel, lamb, salmon, feta cheese, cottage cheese, and eggs just to name a few. Due to the amounts of these...

The average American gains 7 lbs over the holiday season! Below are tips and tricks to help you maintain your weight through the holidays.

1. Focus on the protein when making your plate. Carbohydrates can be calorie dense and can make you feel sluggish later in the day....

Most patients have an idea of their "goal weight" is, but don't understand correlation between body composition and that magic number.

Body Composition is the breakdown of your body mass into 3 main categories- body water mass, fat mass and lean muscle mass. When losin...

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