Losing weight is a difficult process that can often lead to you feeling stressed and frustrated by the lack of results. If you look online, you will find an endless amount of fad diets and advice from people who may or may not have used the weight loss plan they’re advertising. There’s no question that diet and exercise is the most common advice for losing weight, but how strict do you have to be to get the results you want? One common thing you hear about with any diet is a “cheat day,” and in today’s post, we will discuss the cheat day and whether or not it is actually effective for helping you lose weight.

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How a Cheat Meal Can Help You Lose Weight

When you’re on a strict diet, the way you lose weight is by eating fewer calories than your body needs to function. By eating fewer calories, your body is forced to burn fat for energy, thus resulting in a leaner figure. While this method may work for a while, eventually, your body will adjust to your low-calorie intake and you will reach a plateau and stop losing weight.

At this point, eating a cheat meal can actually help kick-start your body and trick it into burning more calories instead of settling for less.

Why Cheat Meals Are Important

It may be your first instinct to avoid your cravings and stick to your diet. However, giving in once in a while and having a cheat meal can actually benefit your weight loss plan overall. For one, indulging in a cheat meal can actually help you stay motivated to stick to your plan. Giving in to your cravings can act as a reward for losing a few pounds in the first week or making it a month without breaking your diet. It can also give you something to reach for that will make all of the days of strict dieting and exercise worth it.

Exercise Control

While a cheat meal can help you stay focused on the goal and trick your body into burning more calories, it’s important to control yourself and not go overboard. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they give themselves an entire cheat day. The problem with a cheat day is that it can completely undo the work that you’ve put in, plus it can make it harder to get back on track. With one meal, you get to indulge your cravings without completely destroying your motivation.

Get the Support You Need at Real Results of Kennesaw

It can be extremely difficult to stick to your goals and create a weight loss plan that actually works. Luckily, at Real Results of Kennesaw, our weight loss specialists have years of experience helping real people get the results that they desire. Whether you’re struggling to create an effective weight loss plan or you need the support to stick to your goals, we are here to help. Give us a call to get started today!

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