Lemon Water For Weight Loss

We all know how essential water is to losing weight. Studies have shown that drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day can help to reduce your BMI while other studies have shown that drinking water before a meal decreases your appetite. But plain water can be just boring, so what do you do? Here’s a quick fix! Try flavoring your water with a splash of fresh lemon juice. Not only does lemon give your water a flavor kick, this citrus super fruit provides many wonderful benefits.


  • Boosts metabolism helping you burn fat and lose weight

  • Helps eliminate toxins from the liver- the main metabolism organ

  • Increases efficiency of bowel movements. Remember- waste lost is weight loss!

  • Is a great source of vitamin C, a natural immunity booster and gives your skin a healthy glow!


So be sure to keep lemons handy and give plain, boring water a boost!


**This Blog pro­vides gen­eral infor­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion about med­i­cine, health and related sub­jects.  The words and other con­tent pro­vided in this blog, and in any linked mate­ri­als, are not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice. If the reader or any other per­son has a med­ical con­cern, he or she should con­sult with an appropriately-licensed physi­cian or other health care worker.

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