Play by Play to Navigating Gameday Food

We have entered that time of year for fall weather, outdoor festivals, friends and football. It’s Saturday, the weather is beautiful, and our mouths are craving wings and beer. But you have worked so hard all week meal prepping and getting in your 30 minutes of exercise; how can you mindfully eat your way through a tailgate party?


Time-out friends. There is no need to throw a flag on the play just yet. Tailgates are generally packed with grilled meats and plenty of substitutes which gives you ample opportunities to stay on track. One of the best plays you can make is to fill up on proteins. This will keep you full and keep the binge snacking at bay. Choose proteins that are grilled and not fried and ones that are not loaded down with heavy sauces. If burgers are on the menu, skip the bun and enjoy your patty with other condiments. Or if a bun is a must, only use one side of the bun.  Wings are a popular tailgate grub which can help you stay on track! More people are leaning towards grilled and baked wings which go perfectly with veggies and dip. Try and choose dips like salsa or bean based and stay away from the high calorie French Onion dip and Ranch dips! Although delicious, it will lead to chip cravings which you have done such a great job to maneuver away from! 


One easy trick to stay on track is bring your own dish to share! This way you know how delicious and nutritious it is for you and you can ensure that it is packed with protein, good fat and lots of veggies! Love something a little spicy? Try buffalo chicken lettuce wraps! You still get all the flavor, but you cut back on extra calories you ingest with buffalo chicken dip. It is easy to get caught up in the chip & dip game, but there is a way around it. Simply substitute chips for a variety of vegetables such as carrots, celery, peppers and broccoli. You can take your game up a notch by making kale chips or even zucchini chips! Impress your friends with these delicious alternatives; you won’t even miss the salty, greasy chips. 


Just so the whole stadium hears this, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Filling up on water can significantly decrease splurging on chips, high calorie dips and desserts. If you think you are ready for a second helping of food, drink 8-12oz of water and give it a time out. Football season is about having fun and enjoying America’s great pastime. Don’t bog yourself down with “I can’t,” because here’s a little game tip, YOU CAN!  Real Results is your biggest cheerleader! It is all about moderation and mindful decisions.  

Just like that, you’ve won the game! Life is like a football game, its one play at a time to win the game, one win at a time to win the season. Weight loss is about using your play book (food journal), taking it one meal at a time and in the end, you’re a champion! 



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