Meet our newest friend, the Strawberry Laser

What is the strawberry laser you might ask? It is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that penetrates the skin to target fat cells. The laser is comprised of 62 cold red-light laser diodes. Each laser emits 40 milliwatts of energy 9-13mm deep into the skin. The lasers penetrate the skin to cause adipocytes (fat cells) to become porous, releasing triglycerides into the interstitial space of the body. Triglycerides are made up of three components: free fatty acids, glycerol and water. Your body then process out the water and free fatty acids and uses the glycerol for energy storage. The fat cells decrease in size which turns into inches loss. 


I know what you’re saying, the science behind the laser is cool and all, but where does the laser come into my weight loss journey? I am so glad you asked! The strawberry laser is designed to help target those areas that exercise and diet can’t seem to vanish. Laser treatments can be done on many body parts such as: abdomen, arms, legs, gynecomastia, calves and upper back. The cool part? These treatments are totally customizable! Whether your trouble area is lower abdomen or that pesky “back fat,” these laser treatments are spot treatment specific. One treatment is 10 minutes, abdomen can be done laterally (right and left side or front to back) which equals to a 20-minute treatment. Some things to keep in mind after a treatment:

  • Drink LOTS of water, your body is eliminating the triglycerides from your system

  • NO alcohol for 24 hours after a treatment; your liver will be busy getting rid of that unwanted free fatty acid

  • Do cardio within 4-6 hours of treatment for at least 15-30 minutes. Sweat out the extra water the laser has broken away from the fat cells



  1. How often can I do treatments?

    a. 1 course = 8 treatments. You can have treatments every 48 hours as long as you follow proper cardio and water protocols. After you finish a course, you will need to wait two weeks before starting the next course. 

  2. Does the treatment hurt?                                                a. No! It is essentially painless. You will feel warmth but not heat. It should feel like a weighted warming blanket. 

  3. How do I track my progress?

    a.  You will have measurements taken at your first, fourth and last treatment to track your inches lost. 

  4. What should I expect after one treatment?

    a. You should see inch loss! After the treatment it is important to do at least 15 minutes of sweat inducing cardio and drink lots and lots of water! 

  5. How long do results last?

    a. With proper exercise and diet, you will retain your results. 

  6. Where do I sign up?

    a. Contact Real Results for questions, pricing and scheduling! Keep an eye out for laser pop-ups happening monthly. This gives you a chance to have one 10-minute laser treatment for a discounted price.




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