Battling the Halloween Candy Monster

Halloween can be frightening for those who are trying to stay on track with eating habits. It doesn’t have to be a scary walk in the dark to keep to your wellness commitments. One of the easiest ways to stay in line is to get your steps in! Walking from house to house is a simple way to keep the calories burning while having fun with family and friends. Think you’re ready for a piece of candy? Take three minutes before devouring that piece of chocolate – chances are your brain will change its mind about that impulse sweet treat. Keep up with your normal eating routine and make sure to fill up on proteins and yummy veggies before venturing out for the night. Keep mints or gum with you to keep your mouth busy and away from the added sugar treats. 


What happens when you get home from trick-or-treating? That is when the cravings set in and your eyes start making decisions for your stomach. Here’s a cool way to avoid eating extra candy calories, buy candy you don’t like! Seems simple, right? You won’t want to eat the candy and you’ll keep on track with your dietary goals.  Any extra candy that does come home should leave within a few days. Keeping the temptations around just make your day harder! Send them to school with the kids or share the love with your coworkers. Do you know what 150 calories of candy looks like? It is seven Hershey kisses, three York peppermint patties or two mini packets of M&M’s. Be mindful of your choices if you do indulge in Halloween candy; you have worked so hard all week, is five fun size Snickers for 400 calories worth it? Halloween should be fun and filled with laughter and memories, just remember the importance of calories versus sugar content.    

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