Surviving Thanksgiving – One Bite at a Time

Thanksgiving is that delicious time of year our mouths start salivating for. Navigating the Thanksgiving buffet can be a no brainer with a few easy tricks. Each year people tend to pack on at least one pound during the holidays, and for some that one pound stays on into the next year. You can still enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving treats guilt-free! 


Exercising or being active is a great way to create a calorie deficit to burn off the extra helpings of stuffing. 5k races have become a popular family tradition to complete the morning of the festivities. Check your local cities for Thanksgiving themed races. Most 5k’s benefit feeding the homeless or grant meals to those less fortunate during the holiday. What a great way to burn some calories and help your city!


Typical mentality for Thanksgiving is to skip breakfast to save room for the delicious food you will devour later in the day. Let’s be honest, that is not the best idea. Skipping breakfast increases the chances of binge eating once all the cooking is complete. Start out with high protein egg meal to ensure a successful day. 


Getting caught up in the day of festivities also means not slowing down. What exactly does that mean? Eat. Your. Food. Slowly. Enjoy all the yummy flavors of the food on your plate. Put your fork down in between bites to guarantee that you will enjoy every bite. Fill up on salads if available or vegetable plates that are not overly sautéed or baked in cream sauces. This is a great chance to try out some new recipes and be a good guest! Almost any traditional Thanksgiving dish can be lightened up by trading out carbs for veggies or baking rather than frying. 


Ever so simply, think about what the holiday is truly about. This day is about spending time with friends and family. This day is about being thankful and celebrating the many blessings of life. Shift your focus from food to family. 



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