Holiday Party Survival Guide


Holiday party and food. Two things that come hand and hand when it comes to celebrating the holidays. Sweet treats and baked goods are gifts that come from the heart, and straight into the love handles. I have good news friends. Get through these tips and you’ll survive the holidays! Easy as pie (or just a bite of pie). 

For starters, get some sleep! Often times sleep takes the back burner during the holiday season due to the high demand of getting things done. Those who don’t get enough sleep tend to be hungrier which can lead to overeating. On top of lack of sleep, stress. Enough said. Tis the season for stress for many reasons. Stress causes higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released when the body and mind is at stress. High levels of cortisol can lead to weight gain and junk food cravings. Take a deep breath! Complete one task at a time, you’re only human after all. 

When attending the various family get-togethers and company holiday parties, remember how far you have come. You should absolutely enjoy your time but follow a few of these advices and you’ll be good to go! If at all possible, bring a healthy dish to share. Need ideas? Check out our Pinterest

page for delicious casseroles and lightened up options. Bringing food that falls into your diet plan guarantees you will have something nutritious and delicious to eat. Who doesn’t love fresh baked goodies during the holidays? It is a nice gesture and simple way to show adoration and appreciation. Use simple modifications in your recipe to lessen up sugar content and calories. Butter in most baking recipes can be replaced with pumpkin puree, banana or applesauce. For cooking, replace cream cheese with lighter options such as Greek yogurt. Chances are, no one will notice, and people will ask for the recipe. A simple way to cut down on sugary beverages is to use club soda instead of sweetened beverages. Still love your glass of wine? Check out this low sugar/low carb wine from FitVine. This wine was designed for those with big health and fitness goals. 

The holidays are no doubt busy from sunup to sundown. Don’t forget the importance of consistency in your diet plan and exercise routine. Yes, some days your dieting journal will be a little off and you will not be able to get that full hour workout in but keeping yourself accountable on most days will keep the inevitable holiday pounds from creeping up on the scale. 

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