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What is the “meal prepping” that has gotten so much attention in the health world? Meal prepping is a simple and mindful way to prepare your meals and portions for the week. Although the process may be a bit time consuming, it frees up valuable time during your lunch break and week for more important things. Meal prepping can also save you money since you will be cooking your meals at home and not making last minute decisions to eat out. Here’s how to get started meal prepping today!


Start with prep containers 

You are spending valuable time prepping for the week, but where does at the food go? Having a separate stash of Tupperware can help you organized and separate your food for the week. Look for containers that are divided so you can visibly see your portions of vegetable and proteins. Choose the glad variety of storage if you are prepping meals that can be reheated. Strive for BPA free containers. BPA stands for Bisphenol A which is an industrial chemical used in certain plastics. Check the bottom of your containers inside the triangle – avoid the number 7. 


Choose your recipes for the week

This is the fun part! Choose one to two recipes to eat for the week ad make a grocery list with all required ingredients. Lunch is the most common meal to prep, so plan meals that are easy for you. If your workplace does not have an oven, do not plan for meals that require toasting or cooking. If you work in close quarters, be courteous and stay away from smelly foods like fish or brussels sprouts. Your coworkers will thank you. 


Keep it simple. Meal prepping doesn’t have to involve gourmet feast or expensive ingredients. Frozen or fresh vegetables are simple to roast and prepare in large portions. Meats that can be cooked in a crockpot such as shredded chicken is a good way to prepare multiple days’ worth of portions at one time. With seasonings, you can make different flavors for every day! 


Get Creative

Meal prepping can be a stress reliever. I mean, you did just take the stress out of planning lunches for the week. That’s a win in my book! Meals can remain refrigerated for 2-5 days but freeze up to 4 months. With proper containers (usually made of glass) will keep food fresher longer. Choose one to two days of the week to dedicate a couple of hours to planning and preparing your meals. Use what is available to you! Not an expert crock pot user? Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the tricks and time saving things that can be prepped inside a crockpot! Have fun, this is about simplifying your daily life and freeing up some of your time for the finer things in life. 

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