The Importance of Breaking the Fast


Not only is WHAT you eat important for your first meal, but WHEN you eat is equally as important. While you’re catching those zzz’s at night, your body is digesting food from the day. When you wake up, your body is ready to break the fast of not eating from the night before. Your glucose levels are low when you get up in the morning waiting for that energy boost “breakfast” gives you. Missing the first meal of the day may cause your body to tap into your energy reserves to include the ones stored in your muscles. By skipping the first meal of the day, you are putting your brain at risk of cravings and consuming more calories by not feeding it the good energy it deserves.

When should you eat breakfast you may ask? Within an hour of waking up is the goal. A good way to start off your day is with some carbohydrates with fiber, some lean protein and some healthy fats. An omelet with vegetables and lean protein satisfies all those categories (and is super delish!) Do you like to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee? Watch those extra saturated fats and sugars hiding in your fancy drink from Starbucks. Although not all carbohydrates are created equal, begin your day with carbs found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A smoothie is a great way to combine fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fibers into one meal. These are especially handy when prepped the night before because they are easy to throw in a blender and take on the go! I know that time is precious in the morning when you have many tasks on your plate. Don’t rush! I know- easier said than done. But hear me out.

Breaking the fast is so important when it comes to battling Type II diabetes, poor cognitive performance and weight gain. Your brain needs energy. Energy is served in the form of food. Balanced portions are key to giving your brain the best boost possible. If you feel yourself falling short on breakfast, get up a few minutes early or prep the night before. Let Real Results help you find a breakfast that works for your schedule AND your brain!




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